01. Gazelles are a favorite [prey] for cheetahs.
02. The spider stings its [prey], and then eats it slowly.
03. The rapist is said to [prey] on young women who are walking alone in the downtown area late at night.
04. Thousands of song birds die each year, [preyed] upon by the domestic cat.
05. When insect pests are eliminated, it affects many other animals which [prey] upon them as their main source of food.
06. Teenagers are seen as easy [prey] for drug dealers looking to find new customers.
07. In nature, predators generally [prey] on the young, sick or weak in a group, thereby keeping the species as a whole strong and healthy.
08. Loan companies and instant cash outlets [prey] on those who already have problems managing their money.
09. Scavengers, such as vultures, like to steal the already dead [prey] of other predators.
10. There's a killer on the loose who [preys] on elderly women living alone.
11. Lions generally kill their [prey] by biting them in the neck, and holding them until they suffocate.
12. Boa constrictors kill their [prey] by squeezing them to death.
13. Spiders wrap their [prey] up in their webs, so they can take their time eating them.
14. Telephone solicitors often [prey] on old people who live alone, and just want someone to talk to.
15. Some panhandlers downtown [prey] on people's sympathy by asking for spare change which they don't really need.
16. There is a Persian proverb which observes that when its time has arrived, the [prey] becomes the hunter.
17. Crocodiles [prey] on anything from insects and bats to sharks, antelope and even buffalo.
18. The ancient Romans lured swordfish within range of their spears by using boats shaped like their [prey].
19. Within the family of birds of [prey], there are 208 species which are found nearly worldwide.
20. The killer whale, or orca, is the fastest sea mammal, and can reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour in pursuit of [prey].
21. Tobacco and alcohol companies seem to [prey] on poor people's longing for escape.
22. Almost every animal species is [prey] to some other species.
23. Will Durant once observed that man is the only animal that systematically [preys] on its own species.
24. When the Roman legions withdrew from Britain in the 5th century A.D., the country fell easy prey to invasions by the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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